Greetings from Group 4!

Updated: Mar 1

Have you ever felt overwhelmed while you were learning, or when you were presenting? Have you ever attended a great informative lecture, but couldn’t remember any of the information just a short while later? Our brains can only handle about 7 elements at a time in our working memory, and actively process only a few of those at a time. And new information needs to be refreshed or repeated in order for us to be able to remember it even a few minutes later. It can also be exceedingly difficult to focus, or to assimilate new learning if there are multiple competing priorities. This is part of Cognitive Load theory.

We’ve all recently had to move to virtual gatherings to cope with pandemic restrictions. How can we reduce cognitive load for facilitators/teachers while we teach, and for our learners during synchronous learning sessions? We hope to find out, and communicate some best practices and teaching pearls using some of the exciting tech tools that are currently available. Stay tuned!

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